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June 25, 2018
ngk spark plugs

Spark Plugs Have Changed

“Back in my day, I remember when I still had to change the spark plugs in my car.” I said out loud, feeling my inner child die ever so slightly as I spoke the words “back in my day” with no sarcasm implied. I also distinctly remember sitting in a new product meeting surrounded by my peers preparing to learn that the game had changed. With every innovation that manufacturers roll out to meet the higher demands of the average motorist, we are asking the components of these vehicles to perform at higher productivity and with greater demand. In my […]
May 17, 2018
box of an iridium spark plug

Make Sure Your Vehicle has Right Type of Spark Plug

Spark plugs, as you might know, bring current from the ignition to the combustion chamber of your engine. As there have been improvements in technology to ignitions and engines there has been a need to improve how spark plugs are made. Spark plugs used to be changed regularly during annual tune-ups. New spark plugs made using iridium were unveiled in the early 1990s, offering 100,000 miles between changes. This lead to a massive shift in the perception of replacing and recommending spark plugs. Many owners of other types of spark plugs are under the misconception that they have a 100,000-mile […]