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September 24, 2019

New Dorman fix for Toyota Truck Differential Covers

While the toughness and reliability of Toyota trucks are impressive, their solid axles have a weak spot that often sends owners to salvage yards and online forums in search of answers. Underneath 4Runner, FJ Cruiser, Tacoma and Tundra vehicles, the cap that covers the differential is made of thin-gauge stamped steel, which lets rust eat away at it faster than other areas. The first sign of failure is typically a wet spot on the outside of the cover, or a small drip on the ground under the axle. Left to corrode further, the axle loses fluid, or water gets into […]
August 23, 2019

Shear Frustration

Extracting what’s left of a sheared-off bolt from inside a cylinder head is seldom an easy task. In fact, it often requires removing the head from the engine and tapping out the old bolt to finish most jobs. And when that sheared bolt happens to secure a critical piece of engine hardware, there’s simply no ignoring it. The timing chain guide bolt-on General Motors’ popular Ecotec four-cylinder engines is one such piece of critical hardware and one that routinely fatigues and breaks off during normal use. The unmistakable rattle of a loose timing chain confirms the guide has inevitably broken […]
August 19, 2019

See how Dorman Keeps This Florida Police Fleet Running

Every spring, David Negron starts noticing a wave of vehicles roll into his shop for repairs. “When it starts warming up, they start going down,” said Negron, Fleet Manager for the City of Maitland, Florida. They can have a variety of symptoms – air conditioning doesn’t work, or a check engine light – but it all comes down to a common problem: the radiator fan. Quite simply, engine cooling fans weren’t built for police duty. Sitting and idling for extended periods, especially in warm climate areas, is often all it takes to burn out a standard, original equipment radiator fan. […]
July 26, 2019

See What’s Coming…

There’s a very cool new product arriving from Dorman. They’re offering active grille shutters that open and close automatically to control airflow through the radiator and into the engine compartment to regulate cooling. When cooling is not needed, the shutters close, routing the air around the vehicle to lessen aerodynamic drag and reduce fuel consumption. As a bonus, closed shutters also reduce vehicle cabin warm-up time during cold weather. FEATURES AND BENEFITS Direct-fit replacement for original equipment designs Plug-and-play installation comes with motor for a complete repair Quality testing includes vehicle try-on, material, and corrosion testing No programming required for final […]