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7 Tools Every Auto Mechanic Needs in Their Toolbox

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7 Tools Every Auto Mechanic Needs in Their Toolbox

7 Tools Every Auto Mechanic Needs in Their Toolbox

The day-to-day schedule of an auto mechanic is full of unique discoveries after a bit of digging around. Each case requires a different set of tools and skills. Much like an artist with their brush, a prepared mechanic is set for any trouble with the plethora of tools at their disposal. These seven tools every auto mechanic needs in their toolbox are a great place to start for those making marks on their checklist.

Oil Drain

Oil changes are one of the most common parts of the job. Opening the gasket and replacing the oil is a mechanic’s bread and butter. Despite the usual drudgery of the task, one necessary tool comes in handy. The oil drain is the difference between an easy and messy cleanup. Acting as a small tub, the oil drain is large enough to hold the oil as it pours out of the vehicle and light enough to move around quickly in times of miscalculation. However, these tools are not specific to oil. Any liquid that needs to be drained finds itself falling into the same tub. The last thing you want is one of those liquids spreading somewhere unintended and becoming a more significant hazard or cleanup later on.

Impact Wrench

An impact wrench is a crucial tool, especially for its most common use, replacing tires on a car. This high-torque output device allows the low-effort removal of components like screws, bolts, lug nuts, and more. Impact wrenches save significant amounts of time with their efficiency and turn long monotonous removals into mindless tasks. Though replacing a tire seems like a tiny bit of work, the difference in time is vast when doing it manually. The impact wrench speaks for itself; it makes a big impact during daily repair and is one of the most used tools in your arsenal.

Digital Multimeter

Digital multimeters help measure things like resistance, voltage, or current in vehicles. This measurement device is a longstanding tool for several professions but comes in hand for auto technicians when electrical problems get in the way of a properly functioning car. For example, finding the source of an electrical leak is made a lot simpler with this tool. By measuring the different rates of electrical flow at various points, finding an excess or lack of voltage helps locate the problem area. As cars proceed toward more electric alternatives, the use of a multimeter becomes more vital as time moves forward.

Jacks and Jack Stands

These two tools work in tandem but are necessary for safe procedures in the workplace. The jack stand fulfills the purpose of temporarily lifting a load while the jack maintains it safely in an elevated position. These two tools are required to securely set a vehicle in place for the job to get started.

Without a jack stand, alternative means of lifting vehicles have the chance of damaging them further if they lose grip. More importantly, the jack itself ensures the car does not fall on the person working underneath. Unless you enjoy the idea of being a pancake, it is a good idea to include these in your garage to maintain a reliable work environment for yourself and those who work for you.

Air Compressor

The more self-sufficient your shop is, the more efficiently it operates regularly. Many of the tools in your shop use compressed air to get the job done, such as the above impact wrench. Using these tools daily also uses up the air inside them. An air compressor helps breathe life into these tools when air is running low. By having an air compressor on hand, you serve to keep your devices ready without the need of replacing any canisters or looking for outside help. If you aim to be a stand-alone business with all the necessities prepared at any moment, then an air compressor remains to be a great tool to consider for daily operations.

Mechanic Gloves

Despite what some believe, one of the essential tools for an auto mechanic is not the kind you hold but the hands that use them. Your hands are crucial in your profession, and protecting them allows you to continue working for a long time. Mechanics face several hazards daily, and gloves can be the difference between a functioning and crippled hand. Anything from lacerations, cuts, chemical burns, or punctures are all possible on the job.

Dangerous chemicals like antiknock agents used for engine efficiency and lead dust from radiators and batteries cause serious side effects when exposed to the skin or bloodstream. Hazards are plentiful in the auto repair industry, and every bit of protective gear helps prevent permanent damage. Reducing the likelihood of cuts, scrapes, and direct contact helps in maintaining your long-term health and physical condition.

Breaker Bar

Tasks like getting fasteners undone often need a little more elbow grease when being worked on. When located in tighter areas where an impact wrench can’t reach too well, it is helpful to have a breaker bar ready for use. The design of these bars provides extra torque for a more hands-on approach. The longer handle allows stuck fasteners to be released quickly and quickens otherwise drudging tasks.

Breaker bars are typically made of medium-hard steel, which prevents them from snapping but keeps them sturdy enough to handle a good deal of stress. It is important to bear in mind the weaknesses of certain designs as they impact your approach for specific tasks. Extendable breaker bars provide more ease of use, but due to not being single pieces, they find themselves to be less durable for extra applied stress. Different designs have specific scenarios in mind and are an excellent thing to consider before using them.

These tools serve various necessary purposes. Some save a lot of time in the workday, while others make sure you don’t get incapacitated on the job. For those with their shops looking to improve their arsenal or looking to buy car parts online intended for replacements or more in-depth repairs, these seven tools every auto mechanic needs in their toolbox will quickly become extensions of your own hands when on the job.

7 Tools Every Auto Mechanic Needs in Their Toolbox

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